Unique Dynamics, Inc.
dba Unique Computer Systems
PO Box 1255 La Mesa, CA 91944
Richard P. Cadway...Owner, Author, and Trader
I trade most days using nasdaq level 2. I use 1, 5, and 10 minute charts on the stock I am trading as well as tracking the nasdaq trend with a 1 and 3 minute chart. On another monitor I have my level 2, market minder, position and buying power, and order entry. After trading using 3 monitors and an additional computer for the chat room, I can't imagine going back to one monitor.
You are at a terrible disadvantage with only one monitor! Did you ever say to yourself, "If I had just looked at that other chart, I would have done something different?"
Unique Dynamics, Inc. began building computer systems in 1987. Since then, hundreds of custom built computers from 286 to Pentium Xeon Servers are in homes and corporations from San Diego, CA to Great Britain to Australia.

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