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Nothing is more precious than desktop space! Larger monitors and more of them helps a daytrader analyze more information. Daytrading using multiple monitors can pay for its initial cost quickly by helping you get into just one great trade. Whether trading stocks or the S&P 500, you should be daytrading with multiple monitors because... You're worth it!


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Daytrading requires multiple monitor tools to daytrade with skill. You can day trade the S&P 500 or stocks more effectively using multiple monitors. Programs like metastock and tradestation work well on multiple monitor computers. You can find my old website about multiple monitors located at http://rickcad.users.ixpres.com/daytrade/ Remember, metastock as well as tradestation can expand across multiple monitor screens. Use the newer versions of metastock and tradestation 2000 when you daytrade. Multiple monitors have become much more affordable. You can expand your desktop by using multiple monitors or you can display the same video on multiple monitors called cloning. Cloning can be valuable if you have a large group that needs to look at the same thing. Multiple monitors used as a desktop enable you to view larger spread sheets and run more than one program at a time. Everyone I know that is using multiple monitors loves the way they work and wouldn't give up their multiple monitors for anything. Dual Monitors are used in the finance industry to make accounting easier. Dual monitors are also used when learning daytrading. Dual monitors can be used for dream interpretation when you need to have multiple windows opened at the same time. When doing product design it is very helpful to have multiple monitors for Autocad and similar applications. Take it from Real Estate Agent Cadway - real estate work is much easier with more than one monitor. If you are moving to San Diego or want to design sites using autoresponders or for affiliate web site design, two, three, or four monitors are best. I used a 3 monitor computer system when I designed the http://www.cadway.net/ site putting my brother Bob up on the internet with Steven Segal. And don't forget, if you are building newsletters such as the Princeton Daytrading Tips newsletter, multiple monitors really help make copying and pasting easier.
This site was located at http://rickcad.users.ixpres.com/daytrade/.

The New Website is Located at http://rickcad.prnc.net